Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How often does the club meet?

A: We meet every month on the second Thursday of the month (with exception of the month of August) at 7pm. 


Q: Where does the club meet?

A: Monthly meeting locations will vary. We rotate the hosting duties monthly as we normally meet at a member's house. Occasionally, we will meet at a local brewery.


Q: Are there dues related to club membership?

A: Yes, there are annual dues in the amount of $30. 


Q: Do I have to be a member in order to attend a meeting?

A: Absolutely not! There are no commitments required to show up and see what the 402s are all about. If after attending a meeting you decicde that you want to become a member, we will get you squared away at that point. 


Q: What is a normal meeting like?

A: We gather at 7pm and once everyone is settled, we start in on business for the month. We discuss current activities, upcoming activities or festivals, competitions, etc. Once business is finished, we move onto our Master of Libations or Education topic for the month. This can be a specific beer style in which we discuss the style and examples are shared or it can be a brewing education topic such as adding fruit to a beer, decoction brewing, yeast, etc. 


Once we are finished with the Master of Libations/Education, we move on to homebrew sampling where everyone calls out what type of beer they brought and details sourrounding that beer they are sharing. 


Q: Is it a requirement that I bring homebrew to a meeting?

A: No, it is not a requirement. While it is highly recommended to bring homebrew to share, it is not required. Bringing homebrew is a great way to get unbiased feedback on your beer. One of our main goals is to help homebrewers make the best beer they possibly can and our members, many of whom are BJCP certified judges, can offer extremely helpful feedback that you may not get from friends and families. Novice brewers or experienced, never be ashamed to share one of your creations. 


Q: I am new to brewing and currently brew using extract kits. Are there opportunities to learn about other methods of homebrewing?

A: There sure is. We have members that brew extract kits, brew in a bag (BIAB), simple all grain brewing using a cooler mashtun and electric brewing systems. Basically, if there is a method to brew beer, one of our members has done it or is currently doing it. There is a wealth of information available. 


Q: What sorts of activities does the club get involved in?

A: The 402s are involved in several activities, both internally to the club and with external organizations. 


Internally, we do things like inter club challenges called Brew Downs. We use these to help push brewers to brew more styles they might not normally brew. We have several barrels in use, for sours and bigger beers like Imperial Stouts, Barlewines, etc. We also have a family day each summer in August as a way to bring our entire families together to share company...and beer of course. Additionally, we have group brew days, open brew days to gather and the occasional bottle share. 


Externally, we participate in most, if not all, local beer fests. Benson Beer Fest, Omaha Beer Fest, Brew HaHa and Ultimate Beer Fest (formally Extreme) just to name a few. Another favorite activity of the club is collaborating with local breweries on special beers. In the past, we have partnered with Kros Strain Brewing, Pint 9 Brewing, Infusion Brewing, Scriptown Brewing and Site-1 Brewing.