Club Projects

The Homebrewers Local 402 always has an interesting brewing project going on.  These projects introduce brewers to new styles, new brewing techniques and new challenges to overcome.

Brew Downs

In 2017 Brew Downs are back to the original concept, but with a slight twist. Each meeting we will draw 2 two-man teams to compete in the brew down. Each team will collaborate on the beer and present the beer at the designated meeting to be judged by the club. To determine beer style, we will draw a BJCP category and the teams can brew any beers within the designated category.  (Winners in bold)

January - ESB (Matt H.)

February - BJCP Category 30: Spiced Beer (Aaron D. vs Derek B.)

March - BJCP Category 33: Wood Beer (Tom H. and Matt B. vs. C-Lark and Justin G.) 

April - BJCP Category 14: Scottish Ales (James S. and Dave H. vs Mark M. and Scott S.)

May - BJCP Category 18: Pale Ale (Bryan D. and Bern M. vs Dave V. and Chuck R.)

June - No Brewdown (Homebrew Con)


Brewers are currently brewing up a base for a barrel aged lambic that will be used for a Solera Project. Agreed upon yeast is an Abbey with one brewer fermenting with 100% Brett. Barrel was filled on 1/17/2015.

Solera Recipe:
Pilsner – 65%
Wheat – Torrified – 35%
Crystal (First Wort/60 min) – 5 IBUs
Clean Yeast – Abbey, 1056 or 007

Update:  The Solera Barrel is being pulled from by club members and the feedback has been outstanding

402 Beer camp


After two iterations of 402 Beer Camp, the Local 402s will be kicking off 2017 with a special edition of Beer Camp, called Cellar Camp. Brewers will be brewing a style of beer that ages gracefully with time and exchanging bottles with fellow members at our February 2017 meeting. From Stouts to Baltic Porters to Belgian Quads, these beers will be cellared by participants and shared at the following February 2018!!! Hopefully brewers will be able to hold of drinking that long. 

Regularly scheduled beer camp will return for Summer of 2017!


The Local 402s have been fourtunate enough to team up with local Brickway Brewery and Distillery to get our hands on one of their bourbon barrels, used to aged their single malt whiskey in. This is the first time that Brickway has parted with one of their barrels so the 402s feel very lucky to get their hands on this barrel. 

In December of 2016, the 402s will fill this 30 gallon bourbon barrel with a big, bold Imperial Stout. The plan is to allow this beer to mature in the barrel for a minimum of one year while the beer takes on those lovely whiskey characteristics. Once the Imperial Stout is ready to be pulled, the club will immediately be filling the barrel with another big beer, this time a Barleywine.

While this will required patience, all look forward to the result of this collarboration.  

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